Million Vibes started out as a couple of selectors coming together in 2001. The name was chosen in 2003 when the sound’s first dubplate was to be voiced. Since then the dubox, as well as the collection of music in general, has grown considerably!

From the very start, Million Vibes has been pushing the contemporary styles of reggae and dancehall, while at the same time never leaving out the great foundation of the music – we play anything from vintage Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae, through to the 80s, 90s, 00s and up till the very latest.

Always having had a strong vision of being a versatile sound this way, the name Million Vibes seemed very fitting. We make an effort to insure that every dance we play will be different from the last, and hopefully also different from anybody elses, while still taking pride in delivering what the people want to hear (and maybe also what the don’t know they want to hear!).
Over the years the sound has played dances in all over Europe and of course throughout Scandinavia, and co-operated with some of Europe’s best and most respected sounds. We also worked with several artists.

Million Vibes has from the very beginning been, and still is, an active clash sound. We had our first clash less than a year after forming the sound, and it has been a regular activity ever since, and although the last couple of years we have taken a short hiatus, we are planning to be back on the clash scene very soon!

From the start we have also regularly released mix-cds, of very different kinds, which is something we will keep doing. The highlight so far is of course our highly acclaimed 100% dubplate-mix, which is still running hot on Soundcloud, and in houses and cars all over the world! Million Vibes is known for going our own way when we voice dubplates and often do the unpredictable.

While not every dubplate we play is an exclusive, we make sure to always follow our own instincts and tastes, which insures that the dub box a whole has the inimitable sound of MILLION VIBES!